I just had a baby boy a month ago, weighing in at almost 8 lbs! And since day 1 I have been using MOMiN products, after hearing about them from a family relative. My favorite is the organic baby lotion, it makes his skin feel super soft, and you can feel it when you use it too because it is very light while still being able to moisturize his skin.

-Jackie F.

As a single dad, I always needed a helping hand around the house with my 1 y/o girl. I’ve tried many organic products because of her sensitive skin, but so far Greenicare baby wash and shampoo has felt and smelt the best

-Bryan J.

Camping has been a big part of my life, and since I had my girl Sarah, I wasn’t sure if I should go out there with all the bugs and what they can do to her skin, and not even to mention the scratching and infections that can come with them. It wasn’t until I tried the OutdoorShield bug repellent, it really keeps the bugs away and im not afraid to use it on her too! 

-Catherine S.

Reliable products with for sure effects!

-Jennifer H.M

Me and my babies love MOMiN,  I have twin boys and they are always running around whenever they get the chance to and so im glad that I have outdoorshield ointment to back me up.

-Lori Y.

Will recommend!

-Nicole K.

Ordering was easy, and shipment was fast. It wasn’t too much to pay for organic products.

-Brian H.

I have been skeptical about organic product, but after I read an article talking about human skin absorbs 60% of what is put onto it into the blood stream, I started to look into organic products for my baby and kid. Momin is one of the first organic baby product I looked into, and I tried it on my baby, they like it and it smells great too. I have recommended it to my whole family and they love it too.

-Stephen T.

His hair is so soft after using the baby wash and shampoo!

-Jennifer L.

The wash and shampoo is great on sensitive skin. My son is 6 but he has bad eczema on his back, and this product really doesn't bother it and I really do think it is helping! We mix the wash with other organic soaps and put it on the affected skin.

-Caitlyn T.

I have always been using organic products ever since I was little, now I just had a new born baby, and a family relative recommended Momin for me, and so far it has been working out great!

-Katherine P.

These products are great for gifts, wish they could make a gift set.

-Henry C.

I started using organic product ever since my baby is born, so far the baby oil has been doing very well on my baby’s sensitive skin, and I would highly recommend it

-Nicholas H.

I live in the rural area, so bug bites have been a problem for me. I have been using bug repellent for many years, but since my baby was born and I read that, some chemicals in some of the bug repellent products can be harmful to new born skins. So I deiced to try organic products for my baby, it work likes any normal bug repellent but without the harmful chemicals. I recommend the outdoor shield bug repellent, and I think I am going to try the other Momin products too.

-Annie B.

I wish there was a like button for each product J

-Melissa C.

I have tried many baby shampoos for my son, but he disliked a lot of them, because they were irritating or felt like they didn't work. I was amazed that even little Eliot approved of Greenicare baby wash and shampoo. Four thumbs up!

-Lisa W.

Really worth the price, which is not a lot to pay compared to other organic brands.

-Diana S.

I was a little skeptical  when they said that their products would be both effective, like name brands AND organic, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the baby lotion at all, but in the end I decided to give it a shot since the price wasn’t all that more than other baby lotions. So far its been great in making my babys skin soft, and im being hopeful about the other products.

-Florina C.

Recommending for my baby cousin Aaron!

-Christina W.

I’ve been trying the outdoorshield bug repellent on my twin girls Cecelia and Corina, and they haven’t been bitten by mosquitoes at all this summer. And they love the outdoors so I love that there’s a product that can help protect them from the little insects in grass, especially when they roll around in it!

-Lucy K.

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