Learn About Our Organic Ingredients
The thing that makes us so confident about our products, are the natural and organic ingredients that can be found throughout our lotions and herbal treatments, utilizing each of Nature’s products, in the most basic way, so that they can fully take effect on helping yours and your baby’s skin tone and texture, all while doing their respective jobs such as protecting from insects or repairing skin damage. We pride ourselves in the aiding of transporting Nature’s goodness to your home. Here are some of the ingredients that you can find in our products:

Organic Beeswax: Crafted by worker bees to store thick sweet honey in its place, it isn’t surprising that Organic Beeswax is a beneficial plus to have in our products. Just as it is strong enough to hold the golden honey that bees strive to collect, when used on human skin, it forms a protective barrier against irritants without suffocating the pores on yours or your baby’s skin. However, other than just protecting the baby’s skin, Organic Beeswax is known to offer anti-inflammatory effects, along with antibacterial and antiviral benefits, aiding in skin treatment. Also, as an added plus, Organic Beeswax is proven to be a skin softener by naturally drawing more moisture to skin and sealing it as well, leaving it feeling and looking suppler.

Organic Calendula Oil: Organic Calendula Oil is best known for its natural ability to soothe and treat skin irritations and small wounds or cuts without leaving scars. This product is the best friend to sensitive skin, and it is noted to be gentle on even the most sensitive of skins, making it the number one ingredient for our baby skin products. Organic Calendula Oil does a great job in keeping away infections that can attack the skin and blood, while being gentle enough to treat inflamed diaper rashes or dry skin.

Organic Jojoba Oil: From the hot sands of dry deserts, Organic Jojoba Oil has many beneficial abilities, such as its ability to moisturize while treating skin. This oil mimics the skin’s own natural oil and aids in the texture and suppleness in skin, while regulating the moisture production of our skin. It is rich in Vitamin E and is a multi-duty antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product of nature.  As an added plus, Organic Jojoba Oil increases blood flow stimulation, penetrating deep into the cell structure, and is even effective in conditioning hair.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Known for its usefulness, Organic Lavender Essential Oil has a long list of properties that are beneficial for skin treatment, while having a mild scent that is enjoyable while mild enough for the sensitivity in infant skin. Most popularly known for its treatment of burns and other minor irritations, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, prevents infections and effectively treats a baby’s skin gently and fully.

Organic Olive Oil: You have probably used this ingredient many times in your culinary experiments, however, now we bring to you a new perspective for Organic Olive Oil, and the reason we use it in our products. For centuries, people have been discovering the benefits of using Organic Olive Oil for personal care. It is great for moisturizing skin, by its property for water evaporation prevention, which is essential in maintaining your infant’s thin skin. Also, as good as it is for yours and your baby’s skin, it is also very effective in managing hair, making sure that it is healthy fully moisturized.

Organic Shea Butter: With exceptionally high contents of nutrients and beneficial vitamins, Organic Shea Butter hydrates dry skin, treats irritated areas, including minor burns and sunburns, and softens rough skin. Also, it has many properties towards hair care, such as being used for hair conditioning and protection, soothing of itchy scalp and minimization of hair damage. Specifically for infants and young children, Organic Shea Butter nourishes the delicate skin of babies while healing the irritations of diaper rashes and eczema.

Organic Sunflower Oil: Used in many of our products, Organic Sunflower Oil is noted for being rich in Vitamins A, D and E, and is known to help with the smoothening and moisturizing of skin, leaving it more supple while looking and feeling more healthy. This ingredient helps a baby’s skin retain moisture and reduces minor skin implications while having a mild and delicate scent.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Enjoy the hint of crisp citrus scent that comes with Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil while benefiting from its effective healing properties. This essential oil promotes the production of collagens while increasing blood circulation to the skin, giving a baby’s sensitive skin more attention and leaving it more attractive. Organic Sweet Essential Oil is helpful on soothing dry skin and also it provides relief to any external inflammation that your baby might have.
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